Signs & indicators of a cyber attack

How do you prepare for a cyber security threat? One good way is to make sure you know what the signs are so when one happens you don’t ignore it. Anyone who uses the Internet for business or personal purposes is most likely to be attacked.

Loading Speed

Do you notice that your computer is having trouble connecting online because everything seems to be loading slowly? If you happen to know that your computer is usually faster and nobody in the network is doing anything like gaming or movie streaming, it could be an attack of some kind. A lot of attacks can be easily traced if you keep an eye on the network traffic as you will see that tons of different IPs keep trying to connect or are online when in fact you know there are less people working through that network connection. A good way to prevent attacks like this is to have strong passwords in your network and to make sure that you keep an eye on traffic to see if anything misleads.

Suspicious Questions

Threats to cyber security can exist among people who work for you or live in your home. Either way, if you ever see emails that ask for your password or if you receive phone calls that seek that kind of information, never answer them. You should get in touch with the company’s help desk, if someone calls you from there, to see if the call was really valid. Also, if you are online and someone asks you a question like what the first street you live on was, that’s probably a trap.

Limit your Info

cyber attack indicatorsSocial media is where people give out a lot of info. You can learn a lot about people and if you have too much information online you could be in trouble. For example, if your bank account’s security question is “what was the first school you went to?”, someone could find it if you list all the schools you attended at before. There are also people who collect information in creative ways, such as initiating a game where you get a name based on your first pet’s name and street name you grew up on. Don’t take part in such games – they are actually collecting security questions.

Know when to get HELP

Are you noticing different problems with your computers lately that never used to happen before? Programs that abruptly close, not having regular updates requests and not-working antivirus programs can mean that something is fishy. Antivirus program should run on a regular schedule since someone could just easily be tracking what you do in your computers. There are also things like ransomware where the virus asks you to pay for it to go away, and if you do they will only probably steal more from your accounts. Go get a professional help right away if this happens to you.

Cyber security threat awareness matters if you use or plan to use the Internet. You can use this information to help you know the signs and indicators of an attack that is about to happen, you can take preventive steps to resolve it before it crashes a significant part of your life.

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