countermeasures during a cyber attack

Any computer that is exposed on the internet is prone to hackers, especially if the owner is neither careful nor familiar with cyber attacks. Whether you carry some sensitive information of the company you work for, or you just use computer from home, you need to be secure. I’ll be discussing some of the most effective countermeasures you should do in order to win over a cyber attack.

Hire IT Professionals

Try to hire an IT staff or IT security team to have them working at your company since most of the attacks can be prevented by keeping a watchful eye on your network. When someone tries to get into the network, they probably will buy time especially if they don’t have the password. That attempt is easy to trace and stop, especially if they use a range of IPs which a professional can just block in seconds until the attempt crashes. Of course, there’s more to it than that usual activity, which is why a professional who is familiar with networks should be preferred.

Restrict Data and Internet Access

An attack can come from a lot of sources, so be prepared to deal with all of them with proper hardware protections in place. Don’t let new employees access whatever they want, your IT person can set up accounts that can give restrictions. Make sure you have filters for the Internet if you have to deal with people downloading what they shouldn’t. You also need to make sure that you keep everything that’s important, let’s say a hard drive or a server that’s private and keep it locked up and/or at least covered by CCTV cameras.

The Right Antivirus

How can you ensure that you’re using the right antivirus or anti-spyware to keep your computers safe? It is a top priority to have your software updated on a regular basis. Sometimes there are actual scenarios you can expect when your computers seem to have problems. For instance, there may be a program that is constantly running and slowing down everything, if you can avoid that it would be better that way. Also see to it that your antivirus does its scanning on websites and files you work with from time to time.

The Right Peopleware

countermeasures during a cyber attack- the right peoplewareWill you have people that know all the information about you and your company or staff? You need to train everyone especially with the kind of questions that needs no answer if they are called or asked by anyone (an outsider in particular). New employees need to be screened carefully so that you don’t hire a spy who can steal information and just leave. There are really good hackers out there who can socially engineer a situation to end up having your data. Humans are considered the biggest part of IT security because it’s easier to trick someone than to hack a system with proper security in place.

You can set preparations to make sure it’s less likely to have a cyber attack. However, since hackers just keep getting better, no matter what you do, with your computer online, there’s always a chance you could be attacked. This is why it’s always good to know what to do or who to contact when cyber attacks take place. We all have to be extra careful with our activities online and extra wiser than hackers. Know the security protocols and coordinate suspicious scenarios accordingly.

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